Lithographic technology

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Lithographic technology is a printing method that uses electrochemical process to create an image.Lithographic is a greek word means lithos, meaning “stone”, and graphein, meaning “to write”. It was invented in 1796 by German author and actor ” Aleos Senefelder “.

At the developing stage of this technology light or electron beam is used for this printing .In this process light or electron source is the main part of this machine. So this process is known as photolithographic also termed optical lithography or UV lithography. In this photolithographic process light is transferred to images. Photolithography is the standard method of printed circuit board (PCB) and microprocessor fabrication.

Working of photolithographic

In this machine mainly four parts including they are light source ,photomask,focusing lens,wafer or printed circuit board (PCB) .


In this process light is tranfering to geometric images from photomask to silicon board.Images are depending upon the photomask structure.This process is cheap but cleaning of this printed board is very difficult its needed much chemical solutions etc.And it is not compactable with modern instruments.So now a days its not popular.

Now a days Lithographic technology using immiscibility property (mixing is not possible) of oil and water.

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