Difference between conductors, Insulators and semiconductors

             Difference between conductors, Insulators and  semiconductors All solid materials are basically divided into four types based on their electrical properties. They are Insulators(poor or very bad conductors) Metals (Good conductors) Semiconductors(partialy conducts) Super conductors(Good Continue reading


Materials used in engineering may be classified into  two types they are 1: Metals. 2: Non metals .                                 METALS            Metal is an element which has both physical and chemical properties.Metals conduct heat and electricity.It Continue reading


An electrochemical series is one in which the various electrodes are arranged in increasing order of their reduction potential or decreasing order of oxidation potential.Electrochemical series gives the increasing tendency of metal to reduction and decreasing tendency to metals to Continue reading


ELECTROCHEMICAL CELLS Chemical changes involving production of electricity is called electrochemical changes and device used for this is called electrochemical cells.These cells are divided into two types they are Electrolytic cell and Electrochemical cells.In electrochemical  cells chemical energy is converted Continue reading