Holiday testing voltage selection

Continuity checking in pipe line

Holiday testing/Continuity checking is used for finding unacceptable discontinuities such as pinholes and voids in protective coatings by the help of electrical circuit.This testing is used to find coating film discontinuities that are not readily visible.

New floating stones (plastormoromate) at sea shores ?


Charles Moore, a marine explorer, was walking one day through the Kameleo Beach in Hawai. The aim was to check how much plastic polluting the shore. The coast was full of plastic. After examining all of them, a particular kind Continue reading

Reason of white streak / Line across the sky in airplane’s path

contrails happening in airplane

Do u know what’s the reason of white streak / Line across the sky in airplane’s path ? That white streaks / Line from the planes are actually artificial clouds called contrails( condensation trail ).Simply It’s exact same principle as Continue reading

Cable trays used in industries

Trough Cable Tray way

Cable trays are used for mechanical protection and giving a perfect routing path for running large quantities of power or control cables overhead or under-floor. According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), a cable tray is a unit or assembly Continue reading

Electrical Protective devices

Electric protection

Electrical protective devices have very important role in these days because of our life very close or depending to electricity so protection from electrical fault is very important in our life. Fuse Fuse is a system of fuse wire,placed in Continue reading